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What can I do in Genoom?

• Maintain your genealogical family tree
• Print your family tree
• Save your tree in JPG form or export as a GEDCOM file
• Expand the data of your tree with a information card for each member of the family
• Invite other relatives to join your network and collaborate
• Create groups inside of the network to improve and organize the information
• Create photo albums of your own photos and share them with your family
• Add videos and share them with your famly
• Add comments and read others about the photos and videos that have been added
• Add documents and share them with your family
• Send messages to members of your family that are registered on Genoom
• View upcoming birthdays and receive reminders so you never forget a birthday
• Get a geographic view of the distribution of your family
• Import data from GEDCOM (GEnealogical Data COMmunication)
• ...
Each month we are improving and adding new functionalities!